Thursday, March 24, 2011

Salmon and Risotto

This is out of order but I made Salmon with pesto and I served it with a mushroom risotto.

I made the pesto first and I was not to sure how this would turn out. The recipe doesn't use any nuts in it and when I tasted the pesto it was REALLY strong! I added a little water to the recipe, since it was soooo thick. I then spread it on the top of my salmon fillets and threw them in the oven.

While they baked I started in on the risotto.
Saute the shallots.

Next add the white wine and then the rice.

Then comes the tedious part. Add a cup of the chicken stock and stir it till the rice soaks it all up...and then repeat....and repeat....and repeat....and repeat....and get the idea.

I love the colors it is so very springy!! The bright green of the salmon pesto and the salad. And it was delish!! Got a thumbs up from the kiddo and the BF said it was great too!

Speaking of the BF he came home and surprised me with flowers!! He makes me feel so good sometimes.

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  1. well with a dinner like that, you deserve flowers! it looks lovely and delicious!