Friday, March 18, 2011

The new coupon lady!

Now that I am out of school and my main source of income is gone!! Sad day!! I am going to be a coupon clipping, penny pinching, red headed lady! Well hopefully we will see.

I love to shop!! I am not going to lie and keep that hidden, I LOVE TO SHOP!! It is great after a hard to day, or a rainy day, well any day really. But I need to stop using that (and food) as a way to deal with life and stress.

So I started googling around on the internet and found the Krazy Coupon Lady's website. Fell in love!! I printed everything off I needed to start couponing away! Even went to all the different coupon sites and printed off a ton of coupons. Then I came home spread it all out and started clipping away.
Notice the wine, can't coupon without it!

I am now just waiting on the inserts I bought from Ebay to get here and I will put together a coupon binder!! It is surprisingly hard to find those plastic binder pages that kids use to put their baseball cards in. But find them I did!

So once they get here and I can take the coupons out of the envelopes they are in I will take some pictures of my progression. And of course once I do a shopping trip with coupons I will post about that also.

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