Friday, March 18, 2011

Lets round up the random pictures in my database

I have been taking pictures meaning to write a blog post about them and then of course I get busy and forget to do so. So here is a series of posts all on one day to get me all caught up!

First up:

My wonderful boyfriend who has put up with my stressed out horrid attitude got me flowers. Sure it took a lot of hinting and telling him that I strive on spontaneous romance, but I love that he thought of me and got something so beautiful!

He always tells me that he isn't a fan of cut flowers because they are dead.

The basil in a jar is the other "flower" he brought home for me after a fight.

I was never supposed to show that don't tell....I came home this winter to find him wearing the Snugli that I got him (and he said he would never use the sleeves) and playing video games....had to snap a pic.

I am so crazy about that man!!

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