Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am so nervous for tomorrow for three reasons.

1. I am learning how to put in IVs which thus means that I will be putting them in real live humans in a few short weeks.....arghhhh

2. Weigh in day is tomorrow, and I have not done good at all this week. I have not tracked, worked out or even cared what went in my mouth. I need to get on the ball because as of now I am just wasting money each and every week that I am not following the Points plus. I am hopeful that after final and my stress level has gone down that i will be able to focus on myself more.

3. Finals. No they are not tomorrow but as of today I have less then 1 week left to study and make myself smart. If I don't get a 76% on the final then I am out of OCNE nursing forever! That is terrifying to think that if I fail the test test next week then that will be throwing away the last three years in the gutter. I am hoping to pass, obviously!! I printed off flashcards and cut out half of them this evening. My goal for tomorrow is to finish the reading for the OB unit and start the next unit's readings. That is a lot of reading!!!

Wish me luck and I will check in with my weigh in tomorrow. Not looking forward to the scale!!

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