Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finnally a weigh in that I am not ashamed of...

So today was weigh in day and after two weeks of big gains I stepped on the scale with no positive thoughts. And to my surprise there was a 2 pound loss. So I guess that means I am on my way back towards losing.
My lovely breakfast and this weeks little book!
Try to make sure that Steven also has a healthy snack during our meetings!

At today's meeting we talked about how we recover from set backs. I shared that my life has fallen down around me and that for two weeks I gained but this week I was able to turn it around and I lost two pounds. I realized that while I have lost control over my life and future (for the moment) I can control my weight.

Today I just feel down. Feel tired and grouchy and sad and just not good at all.

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day with my nursing school friends shopping for a wedding dress. It was wonderful, I was really worried it would be awkward due to me being all kicked out and stuff. But we had fun, there was laughter and good tears and lunch!

Made pork chops for dinner tonight with mushrooms and shallots. Served with multi-grain bread, salad, and leftover risotto. Super yummy, but just did not really feel like eating.
First I seasoned the pork chops with salt and pepper and threw them in the cast iron for about 5 minutes on each side. Then they went in the oven at 350 while I finished up the sauce.

In the same pan that the pork chops had just been in I threw in a little extra butter adn then one cut up shallot and part of an onion that I found in the fridge. Once they were soft I added a cup of chicken stock and then the mushrooms. This is where the BF came in and started cooking with me. He added some red wine to the mix and was my stirrer.
We took the chops back out of the oven and threw them in the sauce so they could soak up some of the flavor.
What a lovely looking dinner. Too bad I didn't feel like eating....sad face.

Maybe if I go to bed early. I am starting to lose interest in the things that I thought I would spend my free time doing. I have not knitted or read since my test. I did do some organizing today. Started on the guest room and the office. My goal is to get them completely organized and usable and presentable.

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