Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wine Choclate Ganache

I love food blogs, and I mean I LOVE food blogs!! I am subscribed to so many of them, my e-mail is constantly bombarded with images that make me drool!!

So when the e-mail came from the cupcake project blog (http://www.cupcakeproject.com/) with pictures of a cupcake with a dark chocolate, red wine ganache, I fell hard!!!

And what perfect timing. My friend Katie's birthday party and the perfect time to unleash an experimental cupcake on the masses!!

I decided to put this ganche on a raspberry beer chocolate cupcake. They turned out quite nice. Very very rich, next time I think they would be perfect filled with some sort of cream filling.

All in all the wine chocolate cupcakes reminded me of a fancy adult ho-ho. And I think with some work this may become a fall back recipe. Not anywhere close to my Irish CarBomb or PB&J. But it may make the list!!