Friday, April 8, 2011


Who hasn't wrote anything in a while.....who.....oh that's right me!

So I am back in the nursing program bitches!! I have to wait till next year and is space available of course. So now here I go being a bad person and wanting people to fail. Sad I know but I am almost 30 and I need to get done with school.

And since I have a year off I have to gain employment. Ick job searching Ick!! I have had one interview so far, with no call back!! But I dropped n application off at the job site where a bunch of my friends work so there is hope there. Then I get to work in an office and wear cute clothes and heels!! I think that I will probably try and get a job at an in home care place also for a couple shifts a week providing in home care on top of the office work. Get me that little extra bit of money and keep my patient skills top notch.

The saddest part of it all is that when I lost my school funding I also lost Kiddo's school grant. So now he has lost his friends, teachers and speech therapy. If I can gain employment that pays enough I am going to put him in the school down the street that looks amazing!!

OK so on to me and what I am planning on doing!

I plan on re-decorating this entire house!! I am going to go through and clean it up first and then take before pictures of every room. I have been scouring the decorating blogs for ideas and I am pretty sure of what I want to do in each room.

I have also stumbled upon the best website ever. It is this amazing place where a housewife in Alaska makes her own furniture and then posts the designs I want to make this media cabinet and this closet storage and this craft table/desk and ultimately I want to make this bed with the BF, how romantic would that be!!

As for my weight loss journey it has been a rough and bumpy (my thighs) road. I gained about 5 pounds during the last couple weeks of school and I have slowly been getting it to come back off. I am back to my weight before finals. I am going to stay strong and use this as a way to encourage me to continue being diligent!

Last night I was goofing off around on the internet, stumbling around. I fell on this website about eating raw. Now I don't think that I can eat raw or give up meat and dairy! But I did have a smoothie for breakfast.

Green Yumminess
1 Mango
1 Fuji apple
5 Strawberries
Handful of Kale
Half a cucumber
6 oz of water

Chop up and throw in a blender and bled till smooth!!

I took a bunch of their smoothie ideas and made what i could with what was in my kitchen. Best part is since it is all fruit and veggies.....a big fat ZERO points!!

Later I am going to breakdown my rooms and ideas for each one. Till then have a good day!!

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