Friday, April 29, 2011


Stumbling around the internet I found this great idea that has inspired me.

101 in 1001.

So the idea is that you make a list of 101 goals and then you accomplish them in 1001 days.

Seems simple in a way. But I am torn do I stick to the original idea or should I tweak, cause heaven knows I can't leave well enough alone! I have just over 200 days till I start school up again, and I was thinking about making a list of goals that need to be accomplished before school restarts.

Now to determine a list of items. I must admit I took some list ideas from different sites. Wanted to see how others were organizing the lists and so forth. Google 101 in 1001 and tons of responses come back to you.

So first step is to make a list. My deadline is Sunday at midnight!

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