Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost 20 days later

So how about that I call myself a slacker and vow to do better and what do I do????

Slack off some more!

Well at least I slacked off with he blog not so much with eh real life.

Lets see the last 20 days....

Job searching
Job Searching
Mexico (amazing)
Job searching
stomach bug that made me lose 5 pounds (now I have to keep it off!)

Did I mention job searching

No really I have done other things too. I finally finished cleaning my side of the office. Needs decorating and bookshelves but it is useful now.

I have been knitting away at my second attempt of the Owl Hat, and I am making great progress.

I am reading a great book.

I got Kiddo enrolled with a new speech teacher.

And I finally have an interview tomorrow!! A work from home position that i think would be perfect for me.

So all in all life goes on!

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