Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weigh in day

I was so worried that I would weigh in today and gain after the bad week I had. But I did great, lost 0.4 pounds!! Not a huge accomplishment but it is better then a gain. If I can stick to my plan this week I foresee a nice weight drop next weigh in.

I ate a banana before meeting and then my breakfast of oatmeal yogurt and strawberries during the meeting.

For lunch I had my Mushroom soup and some cottage cheese.

I also have split pea soup cooking in the crock pot, smells so great in here!! I am also going to surprise BF with some of his mom's cookies when he gets home from work today!!

For dinner tonight I am going to make chicken enchiladas from the leftover chicken from last night's dinner.

Goals for today:
Make cookies===maybe tomorrow, didn't have any vanilla
Sand and Prime bookcase====maybe Thursday
Find ugly Christmas sweaters for me and the BF.====no luck, now going to get tree skirts and make ponchos
Make dinner===and it was amazing!!!
Get a Christmas tree!!!=====keep putting this off and it will be Christmas.

And we got the bedroom primed. Turns out the BF is an extreme perfectionist about painting, and I am not. But we made up.

Had a great dinner of enchiladas and the leftover rice. Stole some cookies while dropping the kiddo off at Grandma's. And I enjoyed a chai while painting. So I finished the day with about negative 4 points.

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  1. Even a small loss is better than a gain. I keep telling myself I need to lose the 5 lbs I gained recently.