Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday back on track

I am proud of today!! I made a menu for the week that is very believable and I think I can stick too!! I also sold my couch, HOORAY!! Cleaned house, and stuck to WW all day!

Since I woke up late I only ate an apple to tide me over till lunch.
For lunch I had a cup of Miso soup and a banana for only 1 point. Wasn't enough to fill me up soI also had a bowl of tomato soup with mozzarella cheese in it. (6 points+) and a sandwich thin with laughing cow cheese (4 points+)
And for dinner tonight I am going to make a fancy chicken dinner!!

Goals for the rest of the day:
Get plastic drop cloths down in bedroom==completed
Get closet emptied out===completed
Get Christmas tree===maybe tomorrow
Make dinner===completed

By the end of the day I still had 2 points+ left!

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