Monday, December 13, 2010

So frustrated with me

So after doing semi-good all week I threw it all out the window this weekend.

I love BF, but when I am around him I eat like him and he is a big guy and I really should not be eating like a big guy if I want to become a small woman. So i am now scared to weigh in this week!!

I have also set a new goal for myself. I need to make a menu for the week! I found a recipe for crock pot split pea soup, going to make that tomorrow. While the kiddo sleeps tomorrow at nap time I am going to work on a menu for this week's dinners. I do find for breakfast and lunch during the week, but I fail when it comes to dinner time.

On a good note away from food. The BF and me picked out colors to paint our bedroom. And we completed a ton of stuff on our giant to do list, with only two bickers! We finished kiddo's bed, caulked the tub, fixed the toilet, I started the bookcase restoration. Now all that is left is to prime and paint our bedroom, finish the bookcase, and of course finish moving all of my crap in!! Oh and get a Christmas tree!!

Wish me luck on my Tuesday weigh in, I will not skip no matter how bad I have been!! And I am going to stay for the meeting no matter how busy I am!

Monday To Do:
Plan out the week's dinners
Prime the bedroom
Sand the bookcase
Sell the couch
Get Christmas tree

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