Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can not believe I have been writing each day

I have never been a diary writing type of person, so I am shocked at myself for logging on here each day and writing. Wow me!!

So I admit I weighed myself while picking kiddo up at Grandma's, and I liked what I saw. Hopefully on Tuesday it will be even better. I am currently 4 pounds behind my schedule. I need to work some fitness back into my daily life. Although next term I will be doing kickboxing, yogilates and open gym. So that should kick my weight loss into gear, maybe I will just get my eating style in control over break and worry about fitness in January.

I woke up late today (I know lazy lazy) Had an apple and a cookie for an estimated 3 points+. For lunch I just finished some tomato soup (4 P+) with some Gorgonzola cheese in it (3P+) and a banana (0P+)

Tonight I plan on having leftover enchiladas and salad.

Goals for today:
GET A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!====I fear it may never happen
make cookies===made one batch...and then ate a few
Dr. appointment====all done!
Bookcase====sanded it and put a coat of primer
Put some color up in bedroom===not yet, Friday

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