Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sad News

Today my instructor asked me to find her when I was done with my med passes. Thinking that I was just going to be given a baby to give vaccinations too, I went and found her.

Well instead of poking some sweet little thing's thigh I was told that I may be done with nursing school forever. Since I failed out last Spring (even though I re-did the class and did better!!) and I am currently struggling this term I have to decide what to do. If I fail this term I can never go back to nursing school (at least an OCNE school) So I have two tests left this term. My next test is a week from this Friday, if I can pass it with an 87% or better I am going to attempt the final and if I get below that then I am going to drop the course with no grade and try again next year.

So that boils down to being able to miss 5 questions on the next test...grrr and ick

It also means that I have been eating a bunch of ice cream tonight. Or as the BF says oink oink

Off to bed so I can be on my game for the babies and mommies tomorrow. Oh and I regret the ice cream since tomorrow is weigh in day!

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