Sunday, February 13, 2011

The dinner that was only so-so

While in line at meeting I eyed the Now & Later cookbook by Weight Watchers. But their prices are so un-godly I went online and found it used for a fraction of the price. Well I made my first recipe from it last night and of course I picked one with a fun name and no picture.

Chicken Marengo! Sounded fancy but unfortunately after all was said and done it did not look that fancy.

Maybe if I was prepared with a big enough skillet it would have looked better. But I had to use a soup pot to finish the cooking.

Either way it turned out looking like purple chicken floating in a mess of mushrooms and olives. Not very appetizing. The flavor I thought was OK, nothing too special but not horrid. I forgot that the BF doesn't like green olives so he was not a fan at all!

So I served it with these carrots from Noble Pig and a batch of Cous-Cous. All in all it was very filling.

So in non food related news. I must say that I am so stressed right now that it almost feels like drowning!! Who would have thought nursing school would be so hard, right? No, I knew it would be hard, I did. I just didn't know how hard it would be for me. I can not believe how much I am struggling to pass the tests all the while trying to stay sane.

Well here's to a better week!

My goals for this week are:
A weight loss at my meeting on Wednesday!
Read all the reading for this week!
Finish knitting my scarf!
Finish my picture frame jewelry holder!
Pay the rest of my bills!

Oh gosh just thinking about makes my head start to hurt! So I am going to not think about the week and instead I am going to go read about the liver and maybe knit a few rows.

Have a great week and cross your fingers that mine won't suck!!

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  1. yeah that looks so good. so good! yum. happy cooking girl:)