Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why the Halloween themed meal in June?

Not sure why the author of this book felt the need to theme her daily meals and really don't understand the Halloween themed names tonight. But the recipes turned out OK.

Poultrygeist = B
Spirited Beans = A
Lemonic Pudding = B

Everything is better with butter and bacon I must say!!

The Chicken recipe called for a raspberry vinegar and tarragon, neither of which i had on hand so I used balsamic and rosemary instead. Oh and I had some mushrooms in the fridge so I sauteed them up in the pan drippings.

The beans were sauteed in bacon drippings and then sprinkled with the crumbled bacon! Yum!!

The original menu called for mashed potatoes, but as nobody in my house is really crazy for mashed potatoes I switched that out for a green salad.

The lemonic pudding called for vanilla yogurt but I had an entire huge thing of Greek yogurt that needs to be used up, so the recipe got that instead. The pudding only got a B, because it just did not wow me. It could have used some lemon zest or just anything to give it a little bit more bite.

On a non dinner note. I met up with my knitting/nursey friends today, it has been sooooo long and it was really good to see them all again! They have finished school and will be taking the NCLEX and getting great nursing jobs soon! OK now I am going to go eat some ice cream and wallow in some self pity....

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