Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cupcake Sin

So it was the BF's birthday and I wanted to make him something special. So after many hours of aimless internet boredom I stumbled across this recipe for Butterfinger Blizzard Cupcakes. Me personally if I go to the good ole DQ I am getting a M&M blizzard or a hot fudge and raspberry sundae. But the BF he likes the butterfinger blizzard. The cupcakes were for his birthday dinner and then he also requested a blueberry pie.

The cupcakes were to die for!! We went out for Mexican food as a large friend group and the cupcakes pushed us over the edge into food comas. It was a devil's food cake mix that was all tweaked out. Homemade carmel sauce that I turkey basted into the cupcakes as soon as I pulled them out of the oven. I then (witht he help of kiddo) whipped up a butterfinger butter cream frosting. Have I pushed you over the edge into a coma also?? Thought so!!

And just in case you weren't quite over the edge, here is a closeup!

Then his extra special birthday pie. This was a before shot, I never got one after it was baked...and now a mere day later it is almost gone, hmmmmm must have been good!!

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